The Team

Here's the profile of a select bunch of YES!+ facilitators from around the world. Make sure to tag them in your 'people-I-must-meet-before-I-die' list.

Khurshed Batliwala

With a Masters in mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology, becoming an Art Of Living teacher might have been an unconventional career choice, but the present joint director of WAYE, Khurshed Batliwala, decided that "it was better to teach people meditation and make them happy rather than teach them mathematics and make them miserable."

As more and more faces around him curved into smiles, his nick-name Bawa curved into Bau, and his sparkle and enthusiasm continue to inspire thousands of individuals to participate in Sri Sri Ravishankar's vision of bringing a smile on every face on the planet.

Under the guidance of Sri Sri, he and Dinesh Ghodke designed the YES!+ series of courses (Youth Empowerment and Skills) which have successfully inspired young people, the world over, to realize their true aspirations and lead successful and productive lives.

A myriad personality, Bawa is committed to utilizing every moment of his time in enriching the lives of people around him. A day spent with him could make you have a taste of the most amazing meals (the experiments being equally exciting!), to listening to beautiful western classical music pieces (that he picks up effortlessly on his piano), to playing the most interesting board games (from all over the world) to even explaining the oldest mythological tales(which suddenly make sense!). Recently, his love of connecting with people expressed itself through his and Dinesh's blog, which like his other undertakings, was quite an instant hit! He enjoys movies with happy endings and is partial to theatre... comedies and musicals being his favourites.

The phenomenon called Bau has another characteristic, which is the willingness to teach a skill to everyone around him, once he is done mastering it. And hence, apart from conducting youth workshops as an Art of Living senior faculty member, Bawa also conducts interesting workshops like Mathemagic, which makes math fun and interesting; the financial literacy workshop, a seminar on unconventional concepts on money management and wealth generation; and an introductory workshop on western classical music appreciation. He has recently even put together a workshop to teach people how to cook and enjoy the experience!

A beautiful blend of intellectual sharpness and untarnished innocence, complete with a hilarious wit and unconditional warmth, Bawa continues to be a favourite among youth, the world over!

Select accomplishments:

Khurshed has also designed numerous innovative projects to consistently involve youth in social causes. For example, under his initiative, "Donate a Book and Educate a Child', funds were raised in various cities across India, Australia and Europe to support the education of the children in the far flung tribal belt areas and for the Aboriginals. Khurshed has represented The Art of Living Foundation at the Educational Caucus of the UN in Geneva and was a speaker at a conference on World Ethics Forum organized by the World Bank in Oxford, 2006. Besides, he has also be invited as a guest speaker in IIT Mumbai, Kanpur and Banaras Hindu University, IIM Indore, NMIMS, Mumbai, University of Texas at Austin, Keeble College. Oxford University under the aegis of World Bank, University of Denhaag, Holland, University of Southern California, Rice University, Houston, University De Montreal, University of Massachusetts, Boston College.